4 Tactics to Increase Website Traffic

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Feeling puzzled about why your site traffic is stagnant, or worse, declining? Let’s change that! 

Join me as we dive into 4 tactics for increasing your website traffic! When we see that our traffic is unmoving or even diminishing, it can be disheartening. We may find ourselves asking: What am I doing wrong? 


In our experience with our clients, it is often a matter of outreach. I have 4 different methods that we can work on to further our engagement as well as create long-lasting customer relationships. Coupled with actionable steps that you can take to begin using these methods on your own, you won’t want to miss this episode! 

Tune in to grab these tips and increase your website traffic, one connection at a time!  

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • How answering questions in online forums propelled my own business beyond expectations.  
  • How there are unspoken rules when it comes to posting content on social media.  
  • How blog posts can be a treasure trove for bringing engagement to your site.  
  • Why email marketing isn’t actually dead.  

Mentioned Resources: 

Social media management tools 

  • MeetEdgar – MeetEdgar is great for reusing content and republishing it with different variations.  So this one is perfect for blog posts, picking up new content automatically.  You can have multiple team members for this one as well. 
  • CinchShare CinchShare is great for scheduling content on specific days.  You can bulk edit and reuse social posts here too, but it won’t automatically do it for you.  

Email management tools 

  • AWeber – This is the tool we use for our newsletters.  We love it because it is a bit more advanced and techy.  However, once you do get to know it, it is fairly intuitive.  I do love how the free version allows for more advanced things like automation and you can have up to 500 subscribers in the free version.  So you can really get the full feel of it before paying for it!  Also we have found their support to be excellent, on target and always ready to help! 
  • ConvertKit – If you want a bit more ‘drag and drop’ like interface then you may like this one better.  Its interface is a bit more intuitive but it doesn’t allow you any automations on their free version and you can only have up to 300 subscribers on their free plan.   

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