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Most online business owners waste time, money and energy trying to figure out the best net step with their website.

I’m a 20+ year veteran in eCommerce and building websites and I guide other business owners on their best next steps.

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There are only so many hours in the day, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our listeners save time and money learning easy step-by-step actions to improve their website, SEO, Marketing and More! Even if our listeners don’t want to completely DIY their website, our information makes them more knowledgeable so they can ask the right questions and use effective tactics with their developer.

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Recent Episode Show Notes

  • The Power of Image Optimization: Boosting Your Website’s Performance

    Are your website images slowing you down? Let’s revamp your understanding of image optimization, and watch your site’s performance skyrocket! This episode is packed with secrets on web image optimization, covering everything from choosing the right file format to understanding the role of alternate text in SEO and ADA compliance. We’re arming you with practical…

  • Gearing up for the Rush: Preparing Your Ecommerce Platform for Successful Promotions

    Imagine if your website unexpectedly went viral during a promotional period – would it stand up to the traffic influx or come crashing down? With Black Friday and other major promotional periods around the corner, now is the time to ensure your ecommerce platform is prepared to handle the rush, and we’re going to show…

  • Mastering Google’s Web Core Vitals: A Guide to Enhancing Your Website’s Performance

    Are you grappling to under Google’s Core Web Vitals? We’ve got you covered! In this episode, we break down the tech surrounding Core Web Vital. From what these metrics are to how they can impact your website’s performance as a whole, we illustrate what these metrics look like beyond their technical implications. Laggy load times,…

  • Unlocking Passive Income: Turbocharge your Business with Automated Revenue

    Imagine unlocking the doors to a steady stream of income, even when you’re not actively working, and transforming that into a reality for your business. This episode unravels the mysteries of implementing passive income strategies and how these can turbocharge your business growth. From exploring the riveting world of email marketing to the allure of…

  • Navigating the World of Rebranding: Understanding the Importance of a Business Name in the Digital Age

    Ever thought about how much a business name matters? Is it still relevant in the digital age? Join me, Carrie Saunders, as I shed light on a burning issue we’re facing – rebranding. As the founder of a 21-year old business, BCS Engineering, I am wrestling with whether our name still embodies what we do…

  • Improving E-Commerce Conversion Rates: A Guide to Building a Better Online Business

    Ever wondered why your e-commerce conversions aren’t where you want them to be? What if we told you that with just a few tweaks to your website and marketing strategy, you could see noticeable improvement?In this episode, we address the variable nature of e-commerce conversions and the importance of tracking them using tools like Google…

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