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Most online business owners waste time, money and energy trying to figure out the best net step with their website.

I’m a 20+ year veteran in eCommerce and building websites and I guide other business owners on their best next steps.

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There are only so many hours in the day, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our listeners save time and money learning easy step-by-step actions to improve their website, SEO, Marketing and More! Even if our listeners don’t want to completely DIY their website, our information makes them more knowledgeable so they can ask the right questions and use effective tactics with their developer.

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Recent Episode Show Notes

  • Navigating the End of Third-Party Cookies: Privacy, Advertising, and the Future of eCommerce

    Ever found yourself wondering why ads for that smartwatch you peeked at on Amazon are following you all over the internet? That is due to the use of third-party cookies. In today’s episode, we are going to dive into third-party cookies & their imminent departure in 2024. From why the era of third-party cookies is…

  • ENCORE: Mastering Email Marketing & Business Growth with Tracy Beavers

    Curious about how email marketing can boost your business? Join us for this encore episode as we talk with Tracy Beavers, an expert in the realms of marketing, sales and business growth, about why email marketing is essential for any business strategy. Tracy will explain why it’s crucial for both online and offline businesses to…

  • Captivating Customers: The Art of Crafting Powerful Above-the-Fold Content

    Ever encountered a promising website, only to find it cluttered and confusing? When a website causes frustration like that, you may find yourself clicking the back button swiftly and searching elsewhere. However, is this happening on your own site? In this episode, we’re exploring Above the Fold content – your online business’s digital storefront.  We’ll…

  • Speed Matters: How Faster Websites Drive More Sales

    Is your slow website holding back your sales and hurting your brand? In this episode, we’ll dive into the importance of site speed, how to check it, and what you can do to improve it! Site speed can impact your reach and customer satisfaction. From optimizing your site images to choosing the right hosting provider,…

  • How to Select the Right Platform for Your Online Business

    Whether you are looking for an eCommerce platform, blog platform, email service provider, or so forth, how can you choose the right platform for your business?  In this episode, we’ll explore strategies for effectively gathering the information necessary to make informed decisions when selecting your next platform. From determining your business needs to testing how…

  • Boosting eCommerce Sales with the Power of Social Proof Strategies

    In a world where customers have endless options, how can your business stand out? The secret lies in something called social proof. It’s a powerful tool that builds trust and credibility with your audience.  Today we’re diving into Social Proof, what it is, why you need it and how to maximize it. From customer reviews…

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