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Most online business owners waste time, money and energy trying to figure out the best net step with their website.

I’m a 20+ year veteran in eCommerce and building websites and I guide other business owners on their best next steps.

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There are only so many hours in the day, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our listeners save time and money learning easy step-by-step actions to improve their website, SEO, Marketing and More! Even if our listeners don’t want to completely DIY their website, our information makes them more knowledgeable so they can ask the right questions and use effective tactics with their developer.

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Recent Episode Show Notes

  • What does it really cost to run a website for an Online Business?

    Having spent over two decades building and customizing websites, we’ve frequently witnessed online businesses being caught off guard by the ongoing maintenance costs. We want to help you avoid this pitfall! In this episode, we’ll discuss common recurring business fees, unexpected expenses, and how to prepare for them. We’ll also identify which investments are crucial…

  • Demystifying Web Hosting and Security: What you need to know as an Online Business Owner

    Do you ever wonder what’s going on behind your website? Today, we are joined by my husband and tech expert Brandon Saunders to answer some common questions our clients have had concerning the inner workings of eCommerce websites. From defining where your site lives to understanding what your online shop is built on top of,…

  • One Year of E-Commerce Podcasting: The Power of Accountability in the Online Business Journey

    May 2nd marks the one-year anniversary of the eCommerce Made Easy Podcast! Over the past year, we’ve explored various aspects of eCommerce. Yet, none of this would’ve been possible without my accountability partner, Melissa Anne Kitchen. Today, I’m thrilled to have her join us as we reflect on our journey. We’ll talk about our beginnings,…

  • Understanding Your Online Audience Through Key Website Indicators

    As a business owner, understanding your website’s history and trends isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential. While it’s essential not to fixate on the past, reflecting on past website performance can provide valuable insights to enhance your present strategies.  In this episode of the eCommerce Made Easy podcast, we delve into the importance of analyzing key website…

  • Boost Your Online Store: Top 3 KPIs to Skyrocket Your Conversions

    Are you an online business owner feeling overwhelmed by what metrics to track for growth? You’re not alone! Today, we’re diving into the essential KPIs every business owner should monitor to ensure their business is on a growth trajectory. Neglecting to track the right metrics can hinder your progress. So, let’s tackle these numbers together…

  • Navigating the End of Third-Party Cookies: Privacy, Advertising, and the Future of eCommerce

    Ever found yourself wondering why ads for that smartwatch you peeked at on Amazon are following you all over the internet? That is due to the use of third-party cookies. In today’s episode, we are going to dive into third-party cookies & their imminent departure in 2024. From why the era of third-party cookies is…

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