Want to know what cool tools I love for eCommerce and all the things to support your eCommerce business? Check out the info below!

We are an affiliate for most of these companies listed on this page and if you use our link and purchase, we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you! Many of the times my affiliate link will give you a longer trial too! So bonus for you! 🙂

First off I have to give a shout out to our company and team at BCS Engineering! I wouldn’t be here creating this podcast if it weren’t for our business, amazing staff, and all the awesome customers we’ve had over the 20+ years. If you are in need of web development, give us a shout out to see if we are a good fit. I say we like to do the ‘hard stuff‘ behind websites so drop us a line for your next eCommerce or WordPress project!

As a software developer, I’m pretty picky about the software we use. But I have been blow away by the features and support from the people at BuzzSprout. So if you ever consider creating your own podcast I highly recommend them!

Kajabi is the platform we use to host our courses! As a consumer of courses, I found Kajabi to be the best interface across several platforms I had tried and I felt user experience was most important. That is why we use Kajabi for our courses as well! It does have a great administrative interface too and can be an all-in-one platform if you want it to be!

We are pretty picky about our email service providers. With so many out there, why did we choose AWeber? Functionality/price combo plus the fact the support is awesome and right here in a neighboring state! I always get my questions answered quickly and accurately by their support team!

We have been using CinchShare since 2016 and find it to be a great platform for scheduling out your social media posts. Especially also for organizing your social content for reuse. It’s very handy with a direct integration into Canva as well to help you create graphics on the fly too!

Amy Porterfield is well renowned for her list building skills and teaches in a very conscience and efficient way. I felt LBS gave us the edge to put into action some of what we already knew, and some new ideas when it comes to creating and using your email list. We highly recommend this program whether you are new to email marketing or a veteran wanting to up your game!