5 Essential Things You Must Do to Keep Your Website Thriving

5 Essential Things You Must Do to Keep Your Website Thriving post thumbnail image

Do you worry that your website will get hacked or that you aren’t doing the essential things to keep your website thriving? Then today’s episode is for you! 

Join me as we dive into the 5 Essential things to be doing regularly!  I will help break down the tech for you to help make this smooth and simple and become a habit! 
From security to updating content on your website, we talk and break down each item into actionable steps helping you move your website forward and in front of your competition.  Guiding you no matter what your tech level is! 
Tune in to grab these tips and move your website one step closer to being a well-oiled machine that works for you! 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • How a simple, routine update can do wonders for your site’s security. 
  • Why backups are the insurance your website needs.  
  • How analytics can point your website efforts in the right direction.  
  • How the speed of your website can determine its success.  
  • How a simple weekly blog post can make your site more trustworthy.  

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