Using Social Media Marketing to Grow your Business with Tracy Beavers

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Want to maximize your social media marketing & list building efforts? Join me as we welcome back Tracy Beavers, award winning business and sales coach, as she shares the hidden and often overlooked opportunities that we should be capitalizing on in our social media marketing!

From using Call to Actions to creating a content web that keeps users’ engagement with your business journey, Tracy shares actionable tips that you won’t want to miss! I know I will be incorporating some of them into my own marketing.

Tune in to boost your marketing strategy! Also, be sure to check the show notes for additional resources, including an amazing opportunity to learn from Tracy!*

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Common opportunities entrepreneurs miss when it comes to their social media and email list building growth.
  • Insights into how to better use your lead magnets, as well as overlooked content that can be utilized as lead magnets.
  • How to maximize your social media efforts on Facebook (and how to approach maximizing other social media channels.)
  • And more!

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