Striking the Balance: Perfecting Website Functionality and User Experience

Striking the Balance: Perfecting Website Functionality and User Experience post thumbnail image

Ever found yourself gritting your teeth over auto-playing video ads that throw you off your game? Exasperated by constant pop-ups that clutter your browsing experience? Well, you’re not alone!

On this episode of eCommerce Made Easy, we pull no punches as we bemoan these infuriating website features. We also turn our critical eye on the well-intentioned but often irksome attempts at GDPR compliance with cookie consent pop-ups.

But we’re not just a pair of grumblers! We’re also dishing out valuable advice on how to strike a perfect balance between functionality and user experience. We sift through the pros and cons of infinite scroll, dissect the distracting elements of auto-scrolling carousels, images, and buttons, and underline the importance of accessible contact information. Join us as we navigate this digital minefield, offering tips and tricks on creating a user-friendly website.

Whether you’re a seasoned eCommerce professional or a newbie, this episode is your roadmap to an uncluttered and engaging online platform. Prepare to eradicate those infuriating features and champion fantastic user experiences!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What are common features on a website that can frustrate potential customers?
  • How can we fix or avoid problematic website features?

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