Top 5 Mistakes Online Business Owners make with their Website

Top 5 Mistakes Online Business Owners make with their Website post thumbnail image

Ever feel like your online store isn’t converting as well as it should? Join me as I share with you the 5 most common website mistakes that could be holding your website back!

In my over 20 years of eCommerce experience, I find many online business owners are just guessing when it comes to their website content and features.  As we juggle the overwhelming process of running our businesses, it is easy to overlook simple mistakes. From poor website design to overwhelming navigation menus, I will dive into my top 5 common website mistakes and how to avoid them!

In this episode, you will learn about the top 5 common mistakes I’ve seen online business owners make:

  1. Their website is poorly designed.
  2. Their website is missing core pages & important information.
  3. Their website is not optimized for mobile devices.
  4. Their site and social media accounts lack valuable, consistent content.
  5. Their site’s navigation is too complex.

 Listen to our episode to hear what these common mistakes can look like so you can avoid them!

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